February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello World!

To introduce myself, I am Sophia Jade. Formerly, Sophia Succubus but the succubus has been tamed, and now I am just Sophia Jade. I am brainiac with a brainless type of employment. I get  naked and explore my sexuality in front of cameras. I am also a Fine Arts student and I try to combine elements of artsy fartsy in all my lines of work. I’m not a pretentious art freak though, I promise! You will not find me in dark and dull colored hippie dippie clothing and a hat with thick rimmed glasses walking about town. Well, ok, maybe I do have thick rimmed glasses but that’s all!

This blog is sort of a place to park my domain before I can launch my actual site. It’s also a place for me to vent and behave like a princess when I feel the need to. I’m not quite sure how naughty I’m allowed to be on here, but I am a photo whore and chances are, I’m going to use this page to post as much of my senseless photos as possible so you horndogs can enjoy the show 🙂






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